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Apr 2015
Noah Sutton-Smolin
Apr 18 2015 05:49
maybe I'm just being silly, but the slope on the graph is ridiculously large
I can't get it to under 1 without an aspect ratio of 30:1
is there something I'm missing?
Apr 18 2015 05:51
+1 @telthien
Noah Sutton-Smolin
Apr 18 2015 05:53
cc @ellisonbg if you have any advice?
Brian E. Granger
Apr 18 2015 14:19
GEtting all the way to a slope of 1 is tough on this dataset. I think I went out to something like 10-15:1 though
You are not missing anything - this is why the second part of the problem is there
Sometimes, a single subplot just doesn't suffice, even for a single series of data