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Apr 2015
Noah Sutton-Smolin
Apr 19 2015 08:15
Makes sense!
James Amarel
Apr 19 2015 20:28
I was able to remove to top and right spines by making everything a subplot, but now I don't know how to adjust the size of my plots. I've tried using figuresize but the syntax seems different.
James Amarel
Apr 19 2015 20:43
Figured it out, but my other question, is it possible to add a legend with custom text?
Brian E. Granger
Apr 19 2015 21:31
Yes, you can customize the text by passing a label="The custom text" into the plot function (plot or scatter)
Apr 19 2015 23:36
so i don't really know how to use computers. how does one import a file to a certain directory and then have it come up in the notebook?