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Apr 2015
Brian E. Granger
Apr 20 2015 00:41
Hi, no problem. To upload a file from your local computer to jupyterhub. Navigate to the directory you want to put the file into on the JupyterHiub dashboard and then click the "Upload" button. Then you can click the button to confirm in the dashboard and the file will be there with the other files in the directory.
Brad Shaw
Apr 20 2015 16:34
For MatplotlibEx02, can we create multiple graphs for the two questions, even though it says to just use one graph? There seems to be outliers in the data that mess with the visualization if its all on one graph.
Apr 20 2015 23:50
@ellisonbg Is L supposed to be something other than 0 in MatplotlibEx03, or am I missing something?