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Apr 2015
Apr 28 2015 02:07
does anyone know the new office hours? i thought i had them written down but cant find them
James Amarel
Apr 28 2015 03:03
For Algorithms1, you ask us 'If stop_words is a list', do stuff. How do I check if stop_words is a list? My first though was an if statement, but that fails.
stop_words=['the', 'is']
Which returns False
James Amarel
Apr 28 2015 03:10
type(stop_words) == list.
Brian E. Granger
Apr 28 2015 03:15
Or isinstance(stop_words, list) is probably a more normal was of testing that
I will have office hours tomorrow morning 9-10am
Apr 28 2015 06:33
@rywerth I'm down to help you. guessing you're still there at your rate.
Apr 28 2015 06:35
@Jackporter415 your codes are run slower than my grandma without her walker
Apr 28 2015 06:37

def Ryan_Sucks(a):
print (a)
Ryan_Sucks("I hate you")

Can someone debug this?

Noah Jan Miller
Apr 28 2015 06:37
@ryweth @Jackporter415 OOOOOOO BURN. some one turn up the spin cycle on the cooling fan.
Apr 28 2015 06:39
@Jackporter415 the second line should be indented. hope that helps :)
Natasha Proctor
Apr 28 2015 19:06
For AlgorithmsEx01 I'm getting the len(swc) = 843. Anyone else getting this?
Apr 28 2015 20:45
I got that too.