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Jun 2014
Jun 06 2014 00:25
Quinn Shanahan
Jun 06 2014 00:25
Shubham Jain
Jun 06 2014 04:15

OK I passed all that. The problem was I needed postgres superuser in database.yml. but getting another error:

pg_dump: [archiver (db)] connection to database "quill" failed: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "shubham"

Shubham Jain
Jun 06 2014 04:51
After some struggle finally got the app running which still doesn't work that much because db:seed fails with oMethodError: undefined methodcost' for BCrypt::Engine:Class`
Some points of installation.
  • using postgres as superuser is necessary for hstore to run
  • Had to modify pg_hba.conf to use "trust" in place of md5
  • Had to run db:migrate as a postgres (super) user with sudo su - postgres
  • Had to export two environment variables with bash.
Peter Gault
Jun 06 2014 04:57
Cool, thanks for putting this together
We're putting all of our documentation together here
For install issues.
Quinn is almost finished with packing the docker container, so we'll test this out tomorrow.
Shubham Jain
Jun 06 2014 08:53
Well, I can't seed the database whatsoever. Can anyone just give me the SQL dump. Maybe its just a problem in my case, my system is messed up.
Peter Gault
Jun 06 2014 17:19
No problem. We're going to try to work this out so that everyone can have access to it.
I'm sorry for these frustrations, we'll get these worked out soon.