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Jul 2014
Jason Stafford
Jul 17 2014 00:11
Hello Everyone, I need some help getting this application to run. I followed the directions in the getting started guide, but I'm running into some issues. Additionally, it seems like their were some recent commits to take out Vagrant and just use Docker. Are the install docs for Compass accurate at this point? For Mac, should I be using Boot2Docker instead?
Jason Stafford
Jul 17 2014 05:05
Finally Got It to run on my mac, Did anyone else have problems with the orchardup/postgres image using ASCII templates and causing the db:create to fail for the apps? I got around it by cloning over the templates in unicode, but I think maybe something in that image needs to change. Maybe this doesn't happen on a straight linux setup?
Jason Stafford
Jul 17 2014 12:48
Now that the apps are running locally as containers through fig/docker, how should I work with my fork for Compass? Should I update the .gitmodules submodule URL for Compass to point to my fork and run something like "git submodule sync" ?
Ryan Novas
Jul 17 2014 14:25

Hi Jason,

Other people have been having these issues as well. When you come across a solution could you add it to the documentation so we can avoid this in the future?

In the meantime, I'm going to get in touch with Quinn and post these issues in GitHub.