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May 2016
May 26 2016 03:07 UTC
Sorry I had some impromptu stuff come out of nowhere
I will be here tomorrow at the same time this convo took place
I think itd be best to set a time UTC based on the timebuddy schedule
I like the stack @arreche has a free 500mb
Which plugs nicely into Heroku
May 26 2016 13:57 UTC
May 26 2016 13:58 UTC
Hi there
+1 to mlab
Wesley vd Sanden
May 26 2016 19:44 UTC
Sorry, just came back from work related stuff. I don't know mlab, but I will take a look at it
May 26 2016 19:45 UTC
believe it was called mongolabs prior
Wesley vd Sanden
May 26 2016 19:49 UTC
It looks nice
I knew mongolabs
It's indeed mlab now
May 26 2016 22:19 UTC
hey guys, I really apologize for going complete MIA on you all, I got swamped prepping for two interviews from jobs I applied to weeks ago. I think it would be best to find another backend guy but I'd be happy to help out in any way I can. If you find another backend guy or if anyone here wants to do backend then I can play a supporting role If need be. Sorry again for any time loss in my departure.