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Jul 2015
Pishen Tsai
Jul 04 2015 03:21
@hedefalk The java process forked by atom will burst and eat up lots of memory and CPU when I shutdown atom on Ubuntu. Is this a known issue?
Rory Graves
Jul 04 2015 05:26
Yes. Fix will be in today. @fommil managed to change the disconnect behaviour in his previous big refactor.
Pishen Tsai
Jul 04 2015 05:30
cool, thanks!
Pishen Tsai
Jul 04 2015 06:37
Also, hover for type sometimes doesn't work and show the wrong type. For example, in I hover on singletonManager but it show that the type is Timeout, which should be ActorRef.
Jul 04 2015 08:10
@hedefalk yup fix is sitting in a PR. It is failing the Emacs tests and I don't know why. I'll look at it later today.
Pishen Tsai
Jul 04 2015 15:39
@hedefalk Will ensime-atom plan to support semantic highlighting like ensime-emacs? For example, give different color for var variables.
Viktor Hedefalk
Jul 04 2015 17:36

@pishen Hover issue: ensime/ensime-atom#20 I want to redo how show-types works. There is something underlying in Atom that has changed I think or it never worked.

semantic highlighting: Yes, I tried to do it the other day, but got stuck with Atom's markers only supporting block, line or gutter: