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Jul 2015
Arnout Engelen
Jul 21 2015 14:16
#48: looks like ensime is sending me '{"payload":{"typehint":"IndexerReadyEvent"}}' but ensime-atom expects the 'typehint' on the root of the message (not inside the 'payload')
is this some version mismatch? something I should update?
Jul 21 2015 18:58
@raboof yeah, it is a known change in the format. I think @hedefalk is away at the moment. I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you sent a PR with the fix :-)
(you might also want to look at migrating to WebSockets instead of TCP/IP... that's the reason the change was introduced)
Viktor Hedefalk
Jul 21 2015 19:25
Sorry, I'm really out in the woods on vacation. I guess this is the change I got pinged about, right?
Ok, one-liner fix. Just need to put by kid to sleep, then I'll release.