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Aug 2015
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 11 2015 08:23
@fommil How do you guys handle updating to the latest server for "users"? I'm suspecting that this issues is just an old (pre-jerk) server in ivy cache: ensime/ensime-atom#45 . The server update I have is just doing that sbt build but it seems that it doesn't download new SNAPSHOT deps from upstream repo…?
Aug 11 2015 09:54
@hedefalk we check the timestamp of the emacs code vs the classpath file (the list of files) and only run the sbt script when the emacs code is more recent. But user can M-x ensime-update anytime they want.
the sbt script should download SNAPSHOT always... do you maybe have a local build? It always wins
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 11 2015 10:56
@fommil Ah, ok. Yeah I do the exact same. In my case it's of course that I have a local build that wins. But I'm waiting for feedback on that issue. It seems to me that it has to be an old server even though new classpath file has been written.
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 11 2015 13:44
I have fixed the issue of scrolling messing up hover-for-type and go-to-definition. I'm currently planning on looking into implicit info. That's a must for me personally. I'm thinking next is "go to symbol" like cmd-N in Idea.
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 11 2015 14:58
Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 16.57.19.png
What do you think about this way of showing implicits:
I for one like the blue squigglies that scala-ide had and I still haven't learned the shortcuts in Idea to show the implicits.
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 11 2015 15:03

I have just added a command "show implicits" that calls server and puts out markers for just the range of all the infos. It's just css right now:

.highlight.implicit .region {
border-bottom: 1px dashed rgba(0, 50, 255, .7);

Will now try to decorate the marker with actual info so you can hover or something. Maybe a shortcut. cmd-I ?