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Aug 2015
Ivar Abrahamsen
Aug 26 2015 08:43
Code refurbishment should be a thing :)
Aug 26 2015 12:25
and code burials
Dick Wall
Aug 26 2015 15:21
my favorite refactoring: delete that shit
Arnout Engelen
Aug 26 2015 15:29
also a rewarding way of improving test coverage :)
Dick Wall
Aug 26 2015 15:31
funny enough my task yesterday was running code coverage, finding all the red, and deleting that shit :-)
Rory Graves
Aug 26 2015 15:53
lol, yeah love those kind of days.
Richard Dallaway
Aug 26 2015 20:35
I like Ana Nelson’s take on that:
Dick Wall
Aug 26 2015 23:38
yayyy - that’s my take
if it compiles and the tests run without it, it’s outta there
github has it for posterity if someone really wants it back