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Oct 2015
Viktor Hedefalk
Oct 29 2015 07:23
@dickwall I actually haven't implemented that feature yet, but's on the top of my list. How does it work in Sublime? Is there a quick fix context menu on compile errors where you can always choose "add import"? This was one of those things I wanted to check out how Sublime does it… I think I have a stub for the server call at least, but haven't done the gui.
Dick Wall
Oct 29 2015 14:24
well - right now it doesn't work in sublime :-)
but the way it did work, quite well, was this (basically)
generate a unique ID for the refactoring (very important as we found out)
save the file
prepare the refactor
callback indicates whether you can do it or not
if you can do it, execute the refactor
callback should reload the file
all the refactorings work that way right now