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Nov 2015
Arnout Engelen
Nov 03 2015 09:53
do you manually re-run 'sbt gen-ensime' when e.g. switching branches? does ensime pick up changes on-the-fly or does it need to be restarted, then, too?
Viktor Hedefalk
Nov 03 2015 09:57
Sorry, needs to be restarted. Should be pretty easy to add a hook that listens to .ensime and restarts server though.
@fommil There's no way to hot reload .ensime on running server is there?
Or maybe there is…
Rory Graves
Nov 03 2015 12:33
@hedefalk Off the cuff I don't think there is, but killing and restarting the server should be fairly quick
Nov 03 2015 13:31
Yup, its designed to be fast. Although that assumes you use the ensime classpath cache instead of rerunning SBT every time.
gen-ensime is really slow, so I don't tend to do this.
I generally don't trust SBT to handle branch swaps
So I have separate dirs for different feature branches on bigger projects
Viktor Hedefalk
Nov 03 2015 13:34
" ensime classpath cache "?
Ah, you mean the classpath file for starting ensime?
Viktor Hedefalk
Nov 03 2015 13:49

Yeah, ensime-atom use those :)


~/dev/projects/atom-ensime $ ll classpath*
-rw-r--r--  1 viktor  staff   2.9K Aug 25 12:44 classpath_2.10.4_0.9.10-SNAPSHOT
-rw-r--r--  1 viktor  staff   4.2K Nov  2 17:23 classpath_2.11.4_0.9.10-SNAPSHOT
-rw-r--r--  1 viktor  staff   4.2K Oct 25 13:51 classpath_2.11.5_0.9.10-SNAPSHOT
-rw-r--r--  1 viktor  staff   4.2K Nov  3 11:43 classpath_2.11.7_0.9.10-SNAPSHOT
For small things I've trusted sbt with a simple reload, sbt-gen and ensime:restart. I definitely can see the need for monitoring .ensime from atom and just restart server… as an opt-in maybe. @raboof Please consider PR :)
Arnout Engelen
Nov 03 2015 14:05
Nov 03 2015 17:45
I just installed Ensime in Atom, most of the basic functionalities work but the scala syntax is not highlighted with different colors like CSS,JS etc is there any package should I install to get this or I have to live with this
Richard Dallaway
Nov 03 2015 19:08
Yes @prassee - there’s a packaged called language-scala