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Nov 2015
Matthew de Detrich
Nov 20 2015 10:47
So I am trying ensime on a really complex project, and it seems to have issues resolving dependencies
even when I try to ren gen-ensime through SBT
The typechecker is reporting that certain objects aren’t available in packages (i.e. it reports that Someobject is missing in an import com.somepackage.Someobject statement)
I don’t think its properly detecting the dependencies, or maybe its a UI lag thing?
Viktor Hedefalk
Nov 20 2015 12:36
False positives is most certainly a server thing. I guess it's hard but if you can, please try to put up a reproducible repo on github.
Nov 20 2015 13:18
@hedefalk the FAQ for this one actually recommends filing upstream with scalac :-/ nothing we can do
Matthew de Detrich
Nov 20 2015 22:51
Its com
It's company code, def can't upload it
Also I am not sure it's false positives, false
It's more that it's saying that objects don't exist, when they do. Sorry for the typing, doing this on mobile