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Dec 2015
Viktor Hedefalk
Dec 05 2015 12:48

This is my feature branch for multiple ensime instances in one atom window:

I would be super happy if someone brave could try it out a bit. It’s not that hot yet, no new features or anything - it’s just that it’s possible to start more than one ensime server and then a lot of cleanup of broken abstractions in the ui to support this. Basically moving panels out and back when switching to different scala text files.

It’s very crude yet but I think it’s in a ”feature state” as master so I would like to merge it in as soon as I’m a bit more certain that everything isn’t broken :)

To try out this branch, simply remove your installed Ensime package, checkout this branch from github either right into .atom/packages or softlink it. I think it has to be called ”Ensime” though. And run ”npm install” inside the package to get all deps.
Then restart Atom