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Jan 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Jan 06 2016 08:44

@fommil We’re using oldstyle organize imports and import type at point only.

Been really busy with other stuff lately :(

The refactoring stuff is the most pressing one, right? I’ll start with that. It’s "unified diff format” so I could probably use something like to apply the patches, right? I think there might be some ”view and maybe apply these patches for the entire project”-view already present in Atom (used for built in search/replace) that might be possible to hook into, but that might be a later improvement…

Haven’t put any effort into looking into websockets since the current json over swank works just fine for us. But do we want to deprecate that too? In that case I’ll give it some love… Any obvious wins?

Jan 06 2016 09:01
Cool! Yeah it'll be deprecated but no current plans yet so you're safe for now