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Jan 2016
Adrian Legaspi
Jan 21 2016 07:29
Can anyone tell how to make the ensime run on windows?
Viktor Hedefalk
Jan 21 2016 09:37
@d6y Hm, yeah, the package page just shows the README from github. I don't know if it is possible to modify…
The readme is pretty darn outdated I think :)
Viktor Hedefalk
Jan 21 2016 09:44
@akilegaspi What issues are you having. Shouldn't be anything special platform dependent, but you know…
Richard Dallaway
Jan 21 2016 13:25
@hedefalk ok - I’ll try to do something about that.
Viktor Hedefalk
Jan 21 2016 20:03
@d6y Cool, thanks a lot!