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Feb 2016
Richard Dallaway
Feb 04 2016 20:47
I’d be interested in what people thing of this: ensime/ensime-atom#147 … it adds opening documentation to Atom. I’ve had to use an external package dependency to make that happen.
(Which seems kind of odd, as Atom is all about HTML/CSS … maybe I’ve missed a trick)
What I was surprised by is.. you can give ENSIME just a single buffer position, and it seems able to pull up the documentation you probably wanted. Impressed by that. I thought I’d have to write a bunch of code to figure out the bounds of the symbol under your cursor… but nope!
Feb 04 2016 20:53
@d6y we try our best :smirk_cat:
Viktor Hedefalk
Feb 04 2016 21:23
Viktor Hedefalk
Feb 04 2016 22:13
v0.33 out with @d6y 's docs!
And some small fixes like not adding build.sbt to the indexer of the non-meta project and stuff.
Feb 04 2016 22:16
are the README docs going to be moved or are you leaving them duped with
ah cool, summary