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Feb 2016
Richard Dallaway
Feb 14 2016 10:45
Just catching up… and release notes done: :heartpulse: you all!
Richard Dallaway
Feb 14 2016 10:56
Ah, sorry I forgot the all:
@/all Release notes for 0.35.3 are up:
Feb 14 2016 11:22
@d6y if you can come to the next hack the tower, that'd be really ace. There were a few people interested in using and hacking on ensime-atom but I didn't have a clue where they could start so they ended up in Adopt OpenJDK :smile:
somebody was keen on adding support for the server side java completions
Viktor Hedefalk
Feb 14 2016 15:40
@fommil @d6y Yeah, the code is a bit of a mess too so I guess it's hard to find anywhere to start even if you know what you want to do.
Jeff Wilde
Feb 14 2016 21:45
@hedefalk, don’t be so hard on yourself, i didn’t find it that bad. :)