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Feb 2016
Im getting it there as well
Silvino Barreiros
Feb 17 2016 03:21
Heys guys, I've only been successful getting updates propagated after running sbt update if I stop ensime and nuke the .ensime and .ensime-cache. Is there a better way to do this?
Feb 17 2016 07:09
You don't need to nuke the cache for that
But you do need to recreate .ensime and restarting the server. Maybe you could help automate that
Richard Dallaway
Feb 17 2016 08:34
@silvinobarreiros I tend to stop ensime in atom, run gen-ensime in sbt, start ensime. not noticed any problems with that, but I guess i don’t do it very often.
Feb 17 2016 08:45
In Emacs we have a reload ensime command, which does the gen if needed
If you've made huge changes to your deps, it can be faster the wipe the cache
Richard Dallaway
Feb 17 2016 09:03
@fommil I won’t be able to make the March 12 hack the tower event. I presume the one after will be the 9th or 16th April. I’ll be able to get to that one.
Alexandru Nedelcu
Feb 17 2016 10:24
"Organize imports" is not working. It deletes imports that are actually used.
Is this a known issue?
Feb 17 2016 10:36
yeah, its in scala-refactoring. They are looking at it, but you need to provide reproducible test cases.
Alexandru Nedelcu
Feb 17 2016 11:39
I filled an issue: ensime/ensime-atom#176
Alexey Alekhin
Feb 17 2016 13:11
After some of the last updates, auto-installing dependencies started actually working: every time I relaunch Atom, hyperclick and browser-plus get installed. But I uninstalled them on purpose (they load/activate quite slowly). Can I turn this off, please?
Viktor Hedefalk
Feb 17 2016 15:09
@laughedelic Not at the moment, sorry, but we can of course add settings for it. Really low fruit, please consider PR, otherwise, just open a ticket and I'll get to it sooner or later.