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Mar 2016
Magnus Andersson
Mar 10 2016 10:41
@hedefalk Do you ever get the issue where multiple line marker and go to definition collides (cmd+right mouse click). I try to go to definition but just get more line markers.
Magnus Andersson
Mar 10 2016 14:59
It’s feels like hit and miss. Sometimes it finds the definition but other times it does not and then I get multiple cursors instead. I can see why that would happen but it is actually confusing because I click multiple times when it doesnt find the definition and instead I have 3-4 markers blinking.
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 10 2016 15:13
@magnusart +1 here atom/atom#7595
There might be things we could do though. Like always preventDefault or something. I haven't experimented.
Magnus Andersson
Mar 10 2016 15:15