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Mar 2016
Mar 25 2016 00:13
@fommil aww you renamed it to jerky? ;)
Mar 25 2016 08:22
We added Y to all the protocols when upgraded to websockets :-)
Magnus Andersson
Mar 25 2016 12:18
@rorygraves googled a little and the websocket protocol already includes keepalives with special ping/pong frames (opcodes 0x9 and 0xA). So the client should just make use of the ws protocol it seems to me.
Rory Graves
Mar 25 2016 12:20
Yeah makes sense. I'm missed that. I suspect my usage was simply not configured well then.
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 25 2016 15:45
I have run an ensime over ws for a few days now without any measures.
Rory Graves
Mar 25 2016 15:47
cool. My experience may have been unrelated.