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Mar 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 31 2016 11:16
My change from chokidar to gaze was borked. I can't seem to use anything but chokidar to watch for a file
Rafał Krzewski
Mar 31 2016 17:05
Hi all, I have a problem starting ENSIME in Atom on Linux. Could someone give me a hand?
I have Atom 1.6.1, installed Atom plugin, installed sbt plugin, generated data for a scala project (no errors). Runing "Start ENSIME" in Atom gives me a blank window titled "Ensime server update". Then running "ENSIME browse doc" gives me Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'client' of undefined on .atom/packages/Ensime/lib/
.ensime_cache directory was created within project's root directory but is empty
Rory Graves
Mar 31 2016 17:09
@rkrzewski I don't know the atom code, but the startup logic should be here
The psuedocode esp might give you an idea at which point it is failing
Martin Kühl
Mar 31 2016 17:22
@hedefalk I was going to suggest, which was recommended to me, but it doesn’t work with temp either. Time to file bugs!
Martin Kühl
Mar 31 2016 18:08
@hedefalk It seems pathwatcher and don’t support the case you’re testing where the file to watch doesn’t exist.
The ENOENT error message from suggest that it’s the same thing there, but I haven’t checked whether that’s intentional.
@hedefalk This patch lets your pathwatcher and tests succeed: