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Apr 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 01 2016 06:41

@mkhl Sorry, but that patch basically is undermining it as a testcase for the use case which is to watch for a non-existing file that should soon appear - the port file that ensime-server writes out upon startup. I know where it is supposed to be and need to trigger a callback when it appears.

My solution was to go back to an old version of chokidar that was using fsevents pre 1.0.0 which was pre node-pre-gyp. node-pre-gyp just released a fix for electron-rebuild and fsevents released too, but it didn't work for apm rebuild. But then I made a PR to apm that I think fixes it for me: atom/apm#536

@rkrzewski Definitely seems like startup issues. You never got any logs in the update server log window? Your exception is from this line:
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 01 2016 06:46
@rkrzewski Can you look at the chrome develop logs in Atom? You can turn up log levels from Ensime package settings and then there should be logs there. But you will probably have some red stack traces… If the download of server works it might be later upon startup, then you can check project/.ensime_cache/server.log
Martin Kühl
Apr 01 2016 07:05
@hedefalk Alright. I guess for pathwatcher and friends you’d have to watch the parent directory and ignore events on unrelated files.
But that apm PR is the way to go! :-)
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 01 2016 07:14
@mkhl :)