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Apr 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 04 2016 08:04


I realized I need to walk your footsteps a bit to get drone integration tests working. I just tried ensime/ensime docker, but it's java 6 right so no coursier there:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: coursier/Bootstrap : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

I remember you writing something about filling up caches and I think I need to do this to not have my integration tests take forever. You did this for ivy right? But not for coursier I guess? I would like to have an autobuilt docker image that triggers on server updates that fill up the coursier cache. Do you have any pointer?

And by the way: Does this not work?
Seems sweet if it did…

Or removed because license thing?
Apr 04 2016 12:00
Yeah, licence sucks
There is a coursier for Java 6
Or you can use the 2.x image which has openjdk 7
And create your own deriving from that
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 04 2016 13:27

@fommil Thanks! I'm gonna base my own from your Dockerfiles. The 2.x made my builds work like just:

  image: ensime/ensime@v2.x
    - export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
    - git clone $NVM_DIR && cd $NVM_DIR && git checkout `git describe --abbrev=0 --tags`
    - . $NVM_DIR/
    - nvm install $$NODE_VERSION
    - nvm use $$NODE_VERSION
    - cd $DRONE_DIR
    - rm -rf node_modules
    - npm -d install
    - npm run it

    - 5
    - 4
    - 0.12

,but still slow as sirup so I gotta fill up coursier caches. How do you build your docker images? Nightly from your own drone?

Apr 04 2016 15:59
You can set up hub to build on pushes to a repo
Drone has a plugin for it
Well need to get credentials set up
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 04 2016 19:23
@fommil Not sure I follow. Is that commercial I have my own docker registry and drone up and running, but those self-hosted drones seems not to support any scheduling. API though so could trigger from somewhere else… Drone plugin to build docker, that's ?
drone seems really sweet in it's simplicity but also a bit too limited. I mean, the integration with github / gitlab and such is too tight and you can't really do any custom pipelining can you? I had to set up two drone instances just to support both github and gitlab hosted repos…
Apr 04 2016 21:21
hub is gratis for public repos on github. Push your image to ensime-docker and I can add it hub side.
I might be able to add you as a user too