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Apr 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 07 2016 09:00

@fommil "You can set up hub to build on pushes to a repo"

I'm still not sure I follow. You mean you can set up to builds on ANOTHER repo than the actual Dockerfile repo? Because the repo isn't touched for 4 days but there was a docker built 20 hours ago:

Well, I just put up my try here which I have tried against my own private stuff drone and docker.

I'm not sure how you'd like a PR of a Dockerfile for atom CI into ensime-docker. Separate branch? Didn't really understand the 1.x, 2.x master semantics.

I'm asking not only for Ensime use but I'm trying to improve my own CI and move away from Jenkins. I don't wanna go the payed docker account route though. I have my own docker registry and two drone instances now, one for github and one for gitlab and it's working out, but I still have no idea on how to schedule stuff other than doing manual cron jobs against the drone api.

Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 07 2016 09:08

I mean, I would really like to replace jenkins entirely and I love the containerized part of drone. And the fact that you use version controlled scripts instead of clicketiclick stuff.

But I have stuff like scheduled db backups and things that just gotta be scheduled. And it still feels a bit weird for me to add source repos with just a Dockerfile that "does something". I think I can dockerize it all, but I think I need some kind of UI that's a little bit more than drone is right now. They expose an API but there seems to be no ui frontend yet worth even looking into.

Maybe what I want is drone/docker + a super simple cronjob script ui with rolling artifacts support.
Sorry to ask a lot of questions in this channel though…

Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 07 2016 20:37
@jjvester Did it work out or are you still stuck?
Apr 07 2016 20:41
@hedefalk there is an api at hub which you can ping from anywhere and it's rebuild any container
e.g. when we merge to ensime-server we rebuild the ensime/ensime:latest image
You could create a ensime/ensime:atom-master image or something
Feel free to add really core tech to the appropriate ensime image, so long as it is not proprietary
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 07 2016 21:03

@fommil Ah, ok. Cool! So this triggers a rebuild of the docker image at hub after a successful publish of ensime-server.

My image was just the idea of filling up coursier cache so the integration tests (that doesn't even exist yet :) ) doesn't take too long. I have it all setup in private drone+docker but without any autotrigger so it'd be great to trigger this one as well from the ensime-server build. I'll send a PR tomorrow hopefully!