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Apr 2016
Magnus Andersson
Apr 10 2016 14:53
@hedefalk If my computer goes to sleep I’ve noticed that Atom looses the connection. I can see ensime running but in Atom I get the could not find a running instance popup. If I closed down Atom and ensime and restart them it works fine.
This something you’ve seen?
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 10 2016 19:35
@magnusart No, hasn't happened to me. Are you using websockets?
Magnus Andersson
Apr 10 2016 21:12
Or I’m using the latest which I assume includes websockets by default.
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 10 2016 21:26
Nah, haven't released, but realize I'm unsure if maybe npm will choose later ensime-client with websockets anyways.
Current latest published ensime-atom is probably using ensime-client:^0.3.0 or something…
Maybe that will autoupdate‚ yeah I think it will…
Hehe, I should have been better with the semantic versioning.
^ will pick the latest release that doesn't step up your least significant non-zero number I think.
So I have published ensime-client 0.3.3 with websockets or something and you probably get that.
But anyways, I haven't had any problems with websockets myself. Would be awesome if you could debug or create a repo case. I think websockets is the way forward anyways. Don't want to go back to those swank things unless it seems impossible to fixup the websockets.