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Apr 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 18 2016 12:57
@alexandru I have started a tiiiny bit. Mostly I extracted a ensime-node project from ensime-atom to be used from both atom and vscode. And then I started but got annoyed that I didn't get code completions so rewrote some from coffescript to typescript, but since then I haven't had the time to play much with vscode. But I'm on it!
@alexandru The challenge is UI. Everything ensime integration related should be shared between atom and vscode.
But I think vscode looks promising. I think we can make something great there.
Alexandru Nedelcu
Apr 18 2016 13:48
@hedefalk thanks, that would be cool :) I'm playing with VSCode and it's a pretty solid alternative to Atom. Doesn't do much, but the things it does, it does well.
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 18 2016 13:51
@alexandru Yeah, it's pretty different for plugin authors. It doesn't expose the DOM at all. Which might be good and bad. As long as you find what you need in the API it's pretty good to have all UI centralized by the main maintainers.
Viktor Hedefalk
Apr 18 2016 14:03
Not that atom really has a problem with fragmented UI, but maybe a problem with duplicated UI code in all packages even if it looks similar. I for one has had to spend some time creating super simple ui elements that I guess vscode just delivers for you.