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May 2016
Magnus Andersson
May 13 2016 18:24
@hedefalk are you going to scaladays Berlin? I'm thinking about going but I'd probably be on my own from our company.
I'm curious about if you looked into hotels, which are good to book?
Viktor Hedefalk
May 13 2016 20:02
@magnusart Yup, I'm going! Haven't booked any hotel or flight yet though…
Magnus Andersson
May 13 2016 21:28
@hedefalk Oh, ok. I was hoping to piggyback on what you had booked to find out pricing. I travel from Gothenburg so I guess it would differ.
Magnus Andersson
May 13 2016 22:20
Looked it up now. Air Berlin is really cheap from GBG and hotels aren’t too bad neither. I will probably bring my partner and our baby and go home on Sunday. Make it into a weekend.