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May 2016
Richard Dallaway
May 15 2016 07:57
Let me know if there is an Ensime Atom hack session... I'll pack a laptop if that's happening.
Oh, there is a community unconference on Wednesday. Maybe that's a space to hack in? Not sure...
Viktor Hedefalk
May 15 2016 19:37
@d6y Cool! I'll bring my laptop for sure, I try to hack on it any free moments I have :)
Stoked about new debugging feature merged into server! But mostly I would like to stabilize a bit - too many reports of just not working for people. I think we need better full stack test coverage to be more confident when doing new stuff and refactoring.
May 15 2016 21:31
I'm about to do a drop to the server that fixes a longstanding inconsistency in what "name" actually means. The protocol isn't technically changing, but the interpretation of what a bunch of Strings mean will be. If it breaks anything for you, it should be easy to fix. It's mostly about being consistent in using scala source names for things, or using java bytecode descriptors in internal calls.
I'll probably merge tomorrow night
Magnus Andersson
May 15 2016 21:39
Man, I’d do anything for a hacking session right now. Really frustrated with writing QA Documentation all day that describes our "QA System” and processes in order to get accepted by the sourcing department for a customer who are a big multinational company. They asked me if we were 9001 Certified, I said no - we’re 5 ppl in our company. :worried: