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Jun 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 14 2016 05:46
@hardmettle Awesome!
Alec Zorab
Jun 14 2016 10:21
I'm getting a number of spurious warnings+errors, some of which I think are macro related and some of which not. First, s"""$srcDir/curves.${LDate.dtf.format(preDate)}.close.json""" is getting me a "possible missing interpolator" error, which I'm pretty sure is spurious
second, I'm getting a lot of "could not find implicit value" errors for stuff looking for shapeless.Cached[X], which I presume is just the presentation compiler not getting macros?
third - is there a way to turn off the "unused import" warning?
Jun 14 2016 10:28
It's at sbt-ensime setting
i.e. it's defined in your .ensime