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Jun 2016
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 10:19
@fommil Are there assembly-jars in the docker images? Would be the easiest/fastest way for me to do full stack integration smoke tests…
Jun 16 2016 10:41
Just download them from from the usual place
If your tests are getting stable enough that we could do it in the server CI that'd be fantastic.
Magnus Andersson
Jun 16 2016 13:39
@hedefalk haven't see
Seen you today. Are you here :)
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 14:26
Yup, on the slick talk
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 15:57
Not a big step for mankind, but a big step for me - headless integration test from ensime-client node lib:
got a connected client { httpPort: '50617',
  post: [Function],
  destroy: [Function],
  getCompletions: [Function],
  getSymbolAtPoint: [Function],
  typecheckBuffer: [Function],
  typecheckFile: [Function],
  symbolByName: [Function],
  formatSourceFile: [Function] }
outgoing: {"req": {"typehint":"ConnectionInfoReq"}, "callId": 1}
incoming: {
  "callId": 1,
  "payload": {
    "typehint": "ConnectionInfo",
    "implementation": {
      "name": "ENSIME"
    "version": "1.0"
got an answer:  { typehint: 'ConnectionInfo',
  implementation: { name: 'ENSIME' },
  version: '1.0' }

2 specs, 0 failures
Finished in 17.8 seconds
Gonna try to abstract and improve the API a lot now to suit both atom and vscode or whatever using js/node.
Jun 16 2016 15:59
I can't believe you can code at scaladays
I'd be down the pub ranting about anything and everything
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 16:06
I'm too tired to listen to talks :)
At the intellij talk right now coding ensime…
Jun 16 2016 16:09
LOL that's the spirit! Hackers building their own exquisite tools :-)
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 17:15
@fommil there's a talk tomorrow about "dotty support in intellij idea" . How are we doing on that front?
Jun 16 2016 19:53
Viktor Hedefalk
Jun 16 2016 22:36
Or maybe not cool…