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Aug 2016
Jacques Lemieux
Aug 11 2016 13:47
On Windows 10, I have two issues with Atom+Ensime:
(1) When I start Ensime, sometimes nothing happens, with no information being generated to the server.log file. This happens in a context where there are no other java or atom processes running on my PC before launching Atom. The only way to solve this issue is to delete the .ensime_cache folder, which allows Ensime to be started again.
(2) The command ensime:Format Source does not work; nothing happens, nothing seems to be logged to the server.log file.
Jacques Lemieux
Aug 11 2016 13:55
(3) If I position my cursor over a method name returning a sequence of tuples of type "Seq[(Value, Value)]", the type that appears in the mouse-over popup is "Seq[(value, Value)][(Value, Value)[Value, Value]]". To me, the extra string "[(Value, Value)[Value, Value]]" seems to be some kind of useless or wrong information.
This last issue also occurs on Linux Ubuntu.
Aug 11 2016 15:20
I don't use atom but i know the server works well on windows (i have to use it at work)