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Sep 2016
Rahel Lüthy
Sep 19 2016 09:47
Hey there – I heard impressive things about ensime and wanted to give it a spin with my scalajs-react project. Atom integration and auto-completion work very well and speed is impressive! However, I do get a false positive type check error (MainApp.scala line 62). Any tips?
Viktor Hedefalk
Sep 19 2016 21:24
@netzwerg Probably similar problems as in ensime/ensime-atom#235. tldr: All false positives are presentation compilers fault, but there is something that ensime-atom does that triggers more cases of it than other ensime clients and ScalaIDE: ensime/ensime-server#1525
I might get time to look at your particular case tomorrow. But if you can try ensime-emacs too and see if you get it there, you can report on ensime-server, otherwise, report on ensime-atom. Or do it anyways! Better to track there than in gitter…