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Dec 2016
Rich Henry
Dec 06 2016 18:35
Having a few issues with ensime-atom out of the box. Installed ensime-atom as documented, set my sbt location, and the server runs. Added the sbt plugin to my project and generated my configuration using sbt ensimeConfig. Open the project folder in atom and the server starts+connects. The issue is that it doesn't see any libraries on my classpath during type checking -- it autocompletes them fine. The project compiles fine. (MacOS Sierra, sbt 0.13.13, scala 2.11.8, atom 1.12.6)
:library-jars ("/Users/henry/.ivy2/cache/org.typelevel/macro-compat_2.11/jars/macro-compat_2.11-1.1.1.jar" "/Users/henry/.ivy2/cache/org.scala-lang/scala-library/jars/scala-library-2.11.8.jar" "/Users/henry/.ivy2/cache/com.chuusai/shapeless_2.11/bundles/shapeless_2.11-2.3.2.jar") is in my .ensime file.
Viktor Hedefalk
Dec 06 2016 21:52
@pcleary00 Sorry, I really haven't had the time to look into it - home with two kids and chicken-pox :baby_chick: . I've had problems with fsevents and apm before. apm rebuild seems a bit broken to me. Did you get it working with Atom 1.11.2 or did I misunderstand that? Anyways, those things are what apm rebuild should solve I would have thought.
@phaistos You get false positives? (errors that shouldn't be)
@phaistos Then I guess it's unfortunately this one: ensime/ensime-server#673