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Feb 2017
Ashic Mahtab
Feb 21 2017 00:39
I seem to have exactly the same issue. Through the debug tools, I see that it's trying to download coursier from, which expands to which gives our 404. No idea how to fix this though :(
Ashic Mahtab
Feb 21 2017 00:50
looking at the coursier homepage, the link should be
that actually downloads a file
any idea where the v2L2P value comes from?
Alexandre Archambault
Feb 21 2017 00:56
The corresponding github branch was removed (it's now deprecated, master is fine in Java 6)
The coursier file in master should be just fine
(although I'd still like to double check if it's ok on Java 6, will do tomorrow)
As a side note, it'd be better if ensime-atom would download directly the launcher from a particular commit (rather than the head of a branch), so that the link is less likely to break.
Ashic Mahtab
Feb 21 2017 01:12
is there a workaround? can i place the coursier file somewhere to make it work (atom & ensime noob here....)
Right... I downloaded the coursier file from and placed it in ~/.atom/packages/Ensime/ensime_update_coursier/ . I can now run ensime:Start in atom successfully.
Ashic Mahtab
Feb 21 2017 14:23

so after yesterday's installation, if I do ensime:Start the first time, in the devtools, I see that there's a 404:

Seen:  /mnt/e/dev/trash/catsVal/.ensime_cache/http
/home/ashic/.atom/packages/Ensime/node_modules/ensime-client/release/js/lib/ensime-client-startup.js:47 got a port file
/home/ashic/.atom/packages/Ensime/node_modules/ensime-client/release/js/lib/network/NetworkClient.js:32 Error: unexpected server response (404)(…)(anonymous function) @ /home/ashic/.atom/packages/Ensime/node_modules/ensime-client/release/js/lib/network/NetworkClient.js:32
/home/ashic/.atom/packages/Ensime/node_modules/ensime-client/release/js/lib/network/NetworkClient.js:35 websocket closed from server

If I then run ensime:Stop, it tells me that it can't find a .ensime file, and I should generate one with sbt ensimeConfig. If I run ensime:Start again, it says connected, and after a while, says the typecheker and indexer's ready, but it can't navigate to types, there's no intellisense, i.e. none of the features work. Is there something else I need to do? I've nuked ensime a few times, with no changes.