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Mar 2017
Mar 04 2017 11:08
will this start working again if we just change the URL?
ah, I see @alexarchambault already commented on this :smile:
yeah, so you don't even need the coursier launcher anymore. the ensime-server jars are now downloaded by the sbt and maven plugins
it's in the :ensime-server-jars part of the .ensime file, which I assume you're already parsing to get the :java-home and :java-flags
Rafał Krzewski
Mar 04 2017 11:30
I found this commit ensime/ensime-node@b3f6167 that fixes coursier download URL
But there's something strange going on, because the last tag in ensime/ensime-node is 0.7.0 but shows 0.8.0 as latest release
Rafał Krzewski
Mar 04 2017 11:39
@hedefalk, did you publish from your private repository, or something?
Oh, I've noticed that the old URL actually downloads something but the new one introduced in ensime/ensime-node@b3f6167 is the one that 404s