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Mar 2017
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 15 2017 12:31
Hey all! Sorry I've been unresponsive. I have been super busy with being a dad and haven't used Scala the last 6 months or so. I'm back now however, gonna start working again and all so I will be better. Gonna try to close a few issues and release soon. Sorry all!
Arnout Engelen
Mar 15 2017 12:32
Congratz and welcome back ;)
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 15 2017 12:33
I'm thinking a bit that if this happens again, me being away - is there someone who would want to step up and get creds to publish and stuff? I mean, while away, there were actually more PR:s that before, but I couldn't even manage to release proper because I felt I needed to test and stuff. Would be nice just for "uptime" if someone else whos using ensime-atom and could evaluate contributions could hit the buttons too, maybe. Think about it!
Of course, I hope that CI could be better so hitting the release-button could be done in confidence without testing it out manually. That really hasn't felt like the case yet though…