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Mar 2017
Andrea Ferretti
Mar 27 2017 15:31
hello, I just started using ensime for atom and there is one thing which bothers me a little
it seems that ensime underlines some lines and puts an (i) symbol next to the line
but hovering over that symbol does not show any information
I have no idea why the lines are underlined, the code compiles without warnings
did anyone else have the same problem?
I would paste an image if I found out how to do so in Gitter
Andrea Ferretti
Mar 27 2017 15:36
ok, like this
Mark Siebert
Mar 27 2017 16:38
I believe that marks where an implicit value is being applied
Andrea Ferretti
Mar 27 2017 16:42
ah ok thank you
pretty annoying IMO
Viktor Hedefalk
Mar 27 2017 21:44
@andreaferretti You can turn it off under settings.
For me, it's almost my most used feature, so default is ON :)