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Aug 2017
Viktor Hedefalk
Aug 29 2017 08:24

Hi all, sorry I've been entirely absent from here. I've been on parental leave and it's been really hard allocating time to keep up with os work (really had to do paying work basically). I've been chatting with Mads Hartman and he wanted to contribute which is really great. He also really wanted to help out with the boring parts that I've been so bad with recently, like looking at PR's, cutting releases and such.

@fommil I couldn't figure out the github ui for adding Mads as a team member. I would like to give him write access to ensime-atom, ensime-node/client and ensime-vscode so he can merge PR's and cut releases.

Aug 29 2017 09:17
ok sure I'll add him
Mads Hartmann
Aug 29 2017 09:17
Thanks 🙌