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Sep 2017
Facundo Viale
Sep 03 2017 20:39
Facundo Viale
Sep 03 2017 20:55
Hey @jfraudeau!
I started something similiar in, but I did it from scratch. Checkout my last comment in ensime/ensime-atom#303, if you want to know about my experience porting the code. Right now, I'm kind of stuck, because some of the tests that are working in ensime-server are not working with Scala.js and I didn't found a way to debug the code. If you sucessfully port the code and tests from ensime-server without any problems, I want to know how did you do =P
Jérémie Fraudeau
Sep 03 2017 21:02
Hi @Jarlakxen,
I noticed your previous messages when I posted mine. I'll have a look at your code when I have time to do so. So far all I did was copy/paste/translate and write facades for atom-api and others.