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Jun 2017
Ben Spencer
Jun 08 2017 11:28
@gaydenko: from what I can tell, the problem is that the plugin doesn't add :ensime-server-version to .ensime
adding :ensime-server-version "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT" manually (copied from a file generated by the sbt plugin) seems to work
Andrew Gaydenko
Jun 08 2017 14:40
@dangerousben , thanks for the tip! It still doesn't work as far as there must be a step to set scala version on generation. Not sure where to set it.
Ben Spencer
Jun 08 2017 14:46
fwiw I have a locally built version of the plugin and I'm running it as: mvn org.ensime.maven.plugins:ensime-maven:1.1.2-SNAPSHOT:generate