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Aug 2017
Aug 22 2017 14:11
@gaydenko I managed to get maven working with the developer/unstable version of ensime, by building the latest maven plugin locally and running as @dangerousben mentioned above. I also had to build ensime-server locally as mvn:generate is unable to find and download the 2.0.0 SNAPSHOT version. Basically I built it with sbt publishM2 to publish to my local maven repository. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious such as pointing to the correct snapshot repository in settings.xml
I also manually changed the scala version of both the maven plugin and the server before building, to match my project version (2.11 in my case), I'm not completely sure that's necessary however
Ben Spencer
Aug 22 2017 14:15
afaik 2.0 snapshots aren't published anywhere, there are milestone releases though:
Aug 22 2017 14:53
ah, that makes sense -- that means though that you can't just use the unstable version by, say installing the melpa version of the emacs client instead of melpa-stable (as I first thought) -- you'll have to build the server locally, or manually update the maven plugin to point to a milestone