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Sep 2015
I still don't see the autocompletion, the sublime console looks fine, but the server complains:
Dick Wall
Sep 02 2015 20:09
@soc - just replied to the gist
Renato Cavalcanti
Sep 02 2015 23:08
Hi guys, thanks for the great work. Trying it for the first time and it looks very promising
I was wondering, is there a way to start the server with incremental compilation? I couldn't find any information on the config file or on the web
I guess I have to start a sbt process and attach ensime to it
Renato Cavalcanti
Sep 02 2015 23:14
I just realised that Ensime:Build only compiles the src/main, but not the tests
Renato Cavalcanti
Sep 02 2015 23:19
Ok, I got it. I'm running now sbt aside and using ensime to navigate, code completion and so on