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Jun 2016
Dick Wall
Jun 30 2016 01:27
@JoeEnnever did you enable debugging in sbt (type debugging to turn it on)
it should stop and wait for a connection on port 5050 from the ensime debugger before continuing
basically you need to do this:
turn on debugging in sbt debugging
make sure the run or tests are forked in sbt also, otherwise this setting will have no effect
once debugging is on, run the main method or test you want to run, it will fire up and then wait for a connection from the debugger
start the ensime debugger and the run or test should resume, and it should hit your breakpoint
Dick Wall
Jun 30 2016 02:06
Ok - just running through a bunch of features I really don't use all that often in preparation for the talk tomorrow. The refactorings for rename, extract val and method, and inline have got a really slow turnaround time from the server
like 20+ seconds, even for something very minor. It does work, but I remember this was lightning quick at some point
I can see the request go in, and about 20 seconds later the diff comes back. Can anyone else confirm?
It's slow to the point that you think it isn't working :-)
Jun 30 2016 05:53
20 secs is definitely not healthy
Jun 30 2016 08:44
@dickwall Hi, I’ve just checked the refactorings and in my case everything works pretty snappy
200-ish ms end to end
Again, very simple cases, but still
Dick Wall
Jun 30 2016 20:54
OK - yeah - right then - gotta be something at my end, or maybe a long typecheck for that file as Sam says
will investigate more, but after the talk tonight
should have some time on the plane tomorrow
Dick Wall
Jun 30 2016 21:13
yes - so on another project, much more snappy
I believe that at some point in the past, I put a full typecheck request in before the refactoring operation (maybe when I was trying to get rename working properly) and I think that might be slowing it down for the other project
if so, I probably don't need that any more - will dig in further
I'll demo refactoring on the other project tonight :-)