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Aug 2016
Jacques Lemieux
Aug 09 2016 13:37
Running SBT inside Sublime Text on Windows 10 gave strange results: some output binary class directories were marked as "protected" and hence not writeable, making the scala compiler fail on class file output -- I was unable to delete the culprit files even when running a command line window in administrator mode, the only way to clear this error condition being to reboot my PC. It is as if Sublime was itself running in a strange elevated privileged mode. Anyone experienced this condition?
In order to move on, I also tried to run Sublime + Ensime + SBT on Ubuntu. It seems to work pretty well, although code completion with "ctrl-space" does not work. I disabled all Ubuntu special keyboard shortcuts, but the "ctrl-space" key still does nothing. I briefly looked at the source code to see where the key sequence "ctrl-space" is defined but couldn't find it. Does anyone know how to remap the code completion functionality on a different key sequence, say ALT-C? PS: I double-checked for all existing Ubuntu "ctrl-space" key bindings with the "gsettings get" utility before writing this post ;)
Aug 09 2016 18:18
  • Regarding the "save classpath" problem, opened an issue for documentation. However, I don't know if there's anything that should be done for it. For me, the problem is solved :D

  • Regarding the 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'async_req', posted a comment on a possibly-relevant old issue