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Aug 2016
Aug 10 2016 18:40

The 'NoneType' object .... error is magically gone now. I've installed sbt 0.3.12 but don't know if this makes any difference.

@jrlemieux Just now I had exactly the same problem (but running on Windows). It highlighted the error and all, but autocomplete wasn't working. Weirdly though, when I created a new file and started typing, autocomplete works O.o

And as part of the troubleshooting, make sure Line Endings are set to Unix (Excuse me if this is too simple or not helpful, I'm a newbie to open-source communities :smile: )

Jacques Lemieux
Aug 10 2016 22:52
Sorry for the "ctrl-space" issue described above. On Linux, the default key binding for auto-completion is TAB rather than ctrl-space. And the key binding is defined for Sublime as a whole, not at the Ensime plugin level.