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Aug 2016
Hossam El-Deen
Aug 17 2016 07:36
Do Ensime-sublime and sbt use the same output folders? If so, do they interfere with each other?
My use case is that I want to have ensime start-up(ed) and sbt running at the same time, to be able to run or test my program from sbt (because I don't know a way to do that through ensime).
Dick Wall
Aug 17 2016 21:22
@hossameldeen that's how I run ensime and sbt right now - leave them both running all the time. Mostly they work very well together, but be prepared to use a lot of memory :-)
Hossam El-Deen
Aug 17 2016 22:38
Thanks, I tried it. However, when ensime-sublime has been start-uped, calling compile in sbt fails with something along the lines of:
Could not create directory <projectRoot>\target\scala-2.11\classes.
It works like a charm directly after calling Ensime shutdown. Any ideas what the problem could be?