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Aug 2016
Rory Graves
Aug 18 2016 06:52
@hossameldeen I'm guessing Windows? Windows is very precious about files. @fommil is this the watchers or thre PC?
Aug 18 2016 06:56
I didn't think it would stop a directory being created
Aug 18 2016 07:02
It's probably because we've created the directory and sbt was expecting to have to do that
I'm surprised that would cause a problem
Hossam El-Deen
Aug 18 2016 10:34
Yup, Windows.
Thanks, guys. Should I open an issue to keep track of it just in case someone has free time, or is it of low priority/will only add noise?
Dick Wall
Aug 18 2016 19:28
hmm - yeah- it has long been on my list to try and join the SBT and Ensime functionality into just the ensime plugin
that way they could use the same SBT and probably avoid those problems
unfortunately, it works well enough on Linux to use both, that I just haven't got around to it yet ;-)