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Mar 2017
Dick Wall
Mar 01 2017 13:57
OK - sure - so right now it works, you can set breakpoints and hit them, best way to run is using the remote connection
so set debugging in sbt, it waits, and you fire up ensime debugger to connect remotely
most stuff works well. Collections (particularly lists and vectors) are very hard to see though cos of the toString (I still haven't had time to do it) :-)
so for a list, you have to look at the head item, follow the tail, look at the head item there, etc...
but yeah - it's actually pretty solid in use
I am in Boston this week working for the main co.
Chip Senkbeil
Mar 01 2017 14:01
Have fun in Boston!
Dick Wall
Mar 01 2017 14:09
thanks man
always do